Intelligent Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices are no longer being used solely as a means of getting information.

With the traditional marketing channels suffering various levels of decline, mobile marketing is experiencing triple-digit growth annually.  Why? you ask.  According to the Director of Research at Nielsen Mobile, “People look at every text message they get”, and they do so within 15 minutes.  Can you think of any other advertising medium where you are almost guaranteed that every person targeted will see the message?

Intelligent targeting

 “Location-based applications are extremely interesting for brands and retailers in that they allow those companies to engage directly with consumers in their vicinity while simultaneously providing information about the products on offer. When these are allied to measures such as mobile coupons and vouchers, you have the combination of information and financial incentive which can be compelling for consumers.”

Dr Windsor Holden

With intelligent application and targeting, A.I Chatbot messaging can enhance a brand, and produce great results. Furthermore, it is cost-effective, measurable and intuitive; lifestyle data in particular has a wealth of additional variables, because the way in which the information has been volunteered allows for the fine-tuning of campaign targeting like no other data can.   

While all other marketing media seems to be feeling the squeeze – through fragmentation of networks in TV advertising, environmental issues with direct mail and the growth in registrations on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) for telemarketing – mobile conversational marketing’s future looks rosy.

There is an extraordinary and unprecedented opportunity from a technological standpoint for mobile marketing in the next few years, both in terms of the way consumers will receive commercial messages and notification and in the way they will respond to them.

However, right here, right now, there is a pipeline for immediate, measurable and targeted communication bursting with potential, and waiting to be exploited to the full.  Delivery of permission based message, capture of response, trackability of source-to-sale at a low cost-per acquisition; the next big thing for mobile marketing is the application of data.

A.I Chatbot low energy technology promises to deliver even more solutions that can lend a helping hand to people for whom traditional wired technology is out of reach.

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