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Over the past few years, small businesses in high streets, towns, and shopping centres have experienced a crushing downturn in sales and footfall. This has led to vacant shops and empty streets, with the remaining businesses turning to vouchers and coupons to win back shoppers and avoid closure.

The problem is vouchers and coupons only benefit the shopper and not the business owner. And with many shoppers today opting to look online for offers and instant deals, it has become increasingly difficult for small business owners to offer incentives to customers in a cost-effective and reliable way. But not anymore!

At Shoppers Discount Club, we believe that small businesses in high streets, towns, and shopping centres play an important role in bringing citizens together and providing a social and community focal point for people of all ages. That’s why we designed our revolutionary app to allow small businesses to increase traffic, customer satisfaction, and sales at their local stores, wherever they are.  

Businesses can now cut the cost of printing endless paper or voucher cards, designing membership cards, and running expensive newspaper ads by simply utilizing our app to offer customised live discounts to students, traders, residents, and government workers all year round.

We also leverage up-to-date technology to offer businesses secure payment systems and powerful AI Chatbots, which allow for a faster and unique customer experience. This results in increased customer satisfaction, retention, and turnover, leading to better feedback and higher profits. Best of all, we only charge a one-time annual fee and you get to keep 100% of your profits.

Simply register with us, choose your package, and create a discount for your customers that works best for you. We’ll in turn provide you with a window sticker that includes a QR Code, which you can use to offer discounts to shoppers at your store or even at exhibitions, fairs, and competitions. 

Organizations and sponsors looking to support local businesses can also partner with us and help us build the future of our economy.

Visit to request a quotation and learn more TODAY!

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